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Mid-year goal evaluation

It is June 30th, so we are already half way into 2017. Time for a quick recap on how you are progressing with your goals for 2017.
So if you are a typical average Joe person you probably have made a lot of New Year’s resolutions 6 months ago. Like quitting smoking, eating healthy, going on dry January and working out more.

And like the average Joe you would have also failed completely because you were back to your old habits by February.

If you were a little bit more serious about your goals you would have made SMART goals:

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Attainable
  • Realistic/Relevant
  • Time-bound

(If you have never heard of that concept see my friend 🏃🏼Lunden’s blogpost here)
As there is a T in Smart all your goals should have a time line, aka a fixed deadline.
You would also break down your goal into smaller OPP goals:

  • Outcome goals
  • Performance goals
  • Process goals

And especially the Process Goals mean regular work.
So take this half year mark to look at your goals and how you are going on.

Goals with dead line before June:

Did you complete them? If yes, what helped you with your success? If not, what went wrong? Have you adapted your deadline or have you just given up?

Goals with dead line after June:

Are you on track? If not, what would you have to change? If yes: keep going!!!

So how am I doing with my goals?
Goals with dead line before June

1) Half Marathon < 1:55:00

achieved in Malta Half Marathon! What helped was definitely the intervals and speedwork that I did before.

2) Finishe Two Oceans Marathon Capetown

Yes! Done! And it was absolutely awesome. You can read about it herehere and here.

3) Marathon <4:15:00

Naaah, kind of achieved at London Marathon with 4:15:55. But that was just a week after the Two Oceans Ultra Marathon, so I know that the 56 seconds are due to the 56km at the Ultra.

Goals with deadline after June:

4) Half Marathon <1:50:00 which is equivalent to a 5:12 min/km pace.

I have already signed up for Half Marathon in the second half of the year: the Tegernsee HM on September 17th. It is a pretty flat course around a lake south of Munich.

Since I moved to Munich I had to stop my treadmill interval sessions, and I am really struggling to get my speedwork in. And I know I need to do loads of speedwork to achieve that goal.

5) Marathon < 4:00:00 or 5:41 min/km pace

I will try to achieve this goal at Berlin Marathon on September 24th. Yes this is another double as it is only a week after the Tegernsee HM. And it is in the middle of Oktoberfest.

So what is my strategy? First, train hard with lots of speed work and long runs. Second, recover harder between the two races, with lots of foam rolling, epsom salt baths, sleep, and alcohol free beer.

6) World’s Toughest Mudder

This is my main goal for 2017. I call it the Ultimate Challenge. 

I am signed up, have booked my accomodation and already half of my flights.

I ran Europe’s Toughest Mudder with 4 completed laps, tested my gear and met a lot of new friends.
What do I still need to do?

There is tons of gear I still need to buy, like a full wetsuit, a tent, another pair of shoes, etc.

And I need to train more. Mostly hour long mountain runs (like Hochkönig Man or Mozart100), but I also need to do lots more of upper body strength training. The pole is already up, and the pull up bar will hopefully be soon.

7) Flexibility and Handstand training.

Absolutely 0 progress. Which is not a surprise as I have had practically 0 training for handstands and just a little bit more for splits.

Why did this happen that I have completely forgotten or neglected my goal? Because I did not have a process goal, and therefore no training plan.

And this is actually why I need to reformulate my goal with the OPP concept.

Outcome goal
: Be able to do a free handstand and headstand, front split and box split, whenever and whereever I want.

Performance goal: Increase strength and balance in my arms and core, increase leg flexibility, get rid of my fears.

Process goal: Train 3×10 minutes a week for handstands, preferably before and after pole class. Stretch 3×20 min on front and box splits. Stretch regularly after runs as a cool down to avoid shortening of muscles.

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