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On this page you will find all the information and all the links ony my favorite topic: how to have an awesome active pregnancy, have a healthy baby and be a strong and good Mom afterwards.

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Best products for pregnancy and future moms

Products against stretch marks

There are a lot of creams, oils and lotions out there that promise you to prevent stretch marks. And while no study has proven yet that the miracle potion for stretch marks exists, there are some benefits to it. Regular massages help to make your skin mor flexible and your connective tissue more elastic.

In addition the oils and creams can help to make the scars lighter and less visible. Although they will not disappear completely.

Here are my favorite oils for a regular belly massage:

Bi-Oil is the absolute classic remedy for scars and probably the most popular one. It comes in various sizes and I especially love the 60ml travel size.

The all natural stretch mark oil from Weleda is my other favorite. It is great if you want a natural, petrol and chemical free oil. It is however a bit pricey.

Retin-oil from skin-care start-up Deciem contains retinol, which helps especially when the stretch marks are already there. However it is not a good oil to use during pregnancy, but more for after giving birth.

The main reason is the key ingredient Retinol. Retinol is a form of Vitamin A. Overdosing on Vitamin A can cause birth defects of the fetus. Although the dosage of Retinol in the oil is fairly low, and first studies have indicated that topical application of retinol is safe during pregnancy, there is still not enough scientific evidence to recommend it during pregnancy.

I would therefore stay on the safe side, and use this great product after you gave birth to your little one.

I am currently testing and wearing the belly support band from Secret Saviours. It has small rubber spots on the inside. These spots help to “grab” the belly and support its weight and therefore also the lower back. The claimed result: 82% of women who have used this kit have not developped stretch marks. So far I am among these 82% and I will continue to report on this.

The kit comes with a day gel, a night cream and a waist band. There are several sizes of belly bands and colors available so it always fits your belly perfectly.

Best products for new Moms

Breast pumps and accessoiries

Breast pumps are hugely popular for moms that want to return to work soon, but still want to give their babies breast milk. However even if you are a stay at home Mom you might want some time off every once in a while (like that date night with your partner) and have some one else watch the baby. Here are my top 3 breast pumps:

The Philips Double electric breast pump for frequent use

This breast pump is probably one of the most efficient ones out there. It is a double pump, which saves a lot of time. The milk goes directly into the bottle you can feed your baby from. The only two downsides to it is the high price and the size.

If you decide to get a double electric breast pump and want to make it even more efficient, get a breast pumping bra so you can go hands-off and can continue other stuff. Like reading this blog on your phone.

The Elvie breast pump for the Mom on the go

The Elvie breast pump is a brand new gadget that finally takes the breast pump away from the plug. Yes, you read correctly: it does not need a plug while pumping. And it fills the milk directly into the attached containers, not in regular bottles. Therefore you can just put the pump into your bra and continue doing whatever you did before. Like cooking, doing your laundry etc.

The Philips manual breast pump for occasional pumping

The Philips AVent manual breast pump is perfect for Moms that regularly breatsfeed their babies, but want to have some time off every once in a while. Because then you don’t need all the fancy expensive gadgets, this simple manual breast pump will do the job.

Best products for families

The best stroller for travelling

The Babyzen Yoyo pram was recommended to us by at least 4 different families, as the best pram for cities and traveling. It is extremely light weight and can be folded with one hand completely into a small pack that is officially cabin size. What I really love is that it even has a shoulder strap so you can wear it like a bag. It comes in various colors and can fit a baby bassinet, a car seat and a normal seat.

Best books for (future) moms

Wonder Weeks

This book was recommended by us and so far we love it. It explains why every time your baby makes an important leap in their brain development they can be fussy and a bit scared. The authors also have a second Milestone Guide and an app which is great.

The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding

This book was originally written by the founders of La Leche League, and organisation that helps women around the world with breastfeeding. It is now in its 8th edition and is a must read for all women who want to breast feed.