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7 things I learned in my first 24 hour race

I recently ran World’s Toughest Mudder, a 24 hour obstacle race held in the desert just outside Las Vegas, Nevada. While I think I was quite prepared for this one (think training, nutrition and getting lots of information on the World’s Toughest Mudder Facebook group), there were still some valuable lessons I learned, that can be applied to any 24 hour race, not only obstacle races. And yes, there were some things I learned the hard way.

24 hour race
Climbing up the wall! Photocredit: Brad Kerr

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My World’s Toughest Mudder Experience – a final 24 hour dance in the desert

just came back from the US where I competed at World’s Toughest Mudder, a grueling 24h Obstacle Course Race in the desert outside of Las Vegas, Nevada. I wanted to run this race for a while now, and it was my big challenge for 2017. It was definitely one of the best, but also hardest experiences of my life, and I am beyond happy that I reached my personal goal of 50 miles as well as finishing the full 24hours.

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Europe's Toughest Mudder
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Europe’s Toughest Mudder

If you are into running and you have not lived behind the moon the past years I am sure you have heard about Obstacle Course Racing and mud runs. One of the biggest players in that market is Tough Mudder. It isn’t called a race – it’s called a challenge because the classic concept is a 10 mile mud run, which is not timed.

In 2011 they started a different timed race format, the 24 hours World’s Toughest Mudder. It is a 5 mile course where people try to complete as many laps as possible.
If you follow my instagram channel @aerialspartan you might have seen that I’ve been a spectator at WTM 2015 and that I signed up for WTM 2017 later this year.

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