Six things I learned at the Runtastic Ambassador Weekend

Six things I learned at the Runtastic Ambassador Weekend

It’s now been two weeks since I participated in the Runtastic Ambassador Weekend. We had a great time visiting the Runtastic office (they have a slide!!!), spent some time sightseeing in Vienna, and worked out at the Runtastic Live Workout Party.

Runtastic Ambassadors in the Runtastic Headquarters

Not only did we have lots of fun, I also met some very interesting people and learned some valuable lessons along the way.

We are stronger together 

You are the average of the 5 people in your life that you spend the most time with. So pick your tribe wisely, and the right vibe will follow!

Runtastic Ambassador

Lead by example and people will follow.

Runtastic Ambassadors
Runtastic Ambassadors

The group of Runtastic Ambassadors is incredibly diverse. We have personal trainers, running coaches, health care professionals, yoginis, but also lawyers, stock traders, marketing professionals. Some of us were asking: How can we lead people to a healthier lifestyle even if we are not fitness professionals?
And the answer was really simple: just lead by example and people will follow.
If we really want to lead people to a fitter and healthier life, we should live a fit and healthy life ourselves. Positive energy and the right mindset will always attract the right people and make a positive impact.
So be the change you are looking for.

What matters most is how you make people feel

It absolutely does not matter that you are the fastest, strongest, fittest, most experienced, prettiest, coolest, (insert superlative adjective here) kid on the block. People will not like you or follow you because of what YOU represent but because of what you GIVE to them.
So give them inspiration instead of advice. Make them feel empowered instead of bringing them down. Motivate them instead of discouraging them. Make them push their own limits instead of pushing them.
Make them feel good! Period.
And if you yourself come across a person, that does not give you anything of the above, make them leave your life.

No 1 goal is happiness

Runtastic Ambassadors

A lesson learnt from Nelly’s life during the Runtastic Ambassador Weekend. We were talking about useless business meetings, annoying customers and working long hours. Nelly then explained how she changed her working life and enhancing her work/life balance by just focusing about her no 1 life goal. Happiness.
And this is what we should focus on. Being happy. So if you are not happy in your job, relationship, or your body, go and change that. Life is too short to be unhappy.

Always be yourself

Don’t fake who you are. Nobody likes fake people. Nobody needs fake people.
But we need you and your true authentic self. Don’t hide because you are shy, don’t pretend because you feel like you have to be somebody you are not.
Just come as you are and you will fit perfectly.

You live your life, not your social media account.

Runtastic Ambassadors

Do things because you enjoy them, not because you think they will look good on social media. In the end you want to read on your grave: “X had an adventurous and fulfilling life” and not “X had 100,000 Instagram followers”.
We all have a real life, family, friends, a job that should always come first. Let your life be so adventurous, busy, and fulfilled that you merely have time for social media.
Don’t plan your life around your Instagram.
So if somebody tells you, you should post at 10 am and 6 pm every day because you have to, ignore them.
If you have a life and a job, you probably have other things to do during that time.


Runtastic Ambassadors at the Runtastic Live Workout Party