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9 surprising benefits of cold showers and how to make them a habit

Having cold showers every day was one of my new year’s resolutions. In the beginning it was definitely hard to have a cold shower, or at least a cold splash at the end of a hot shower every day. But in the end the cold showers were absolute worth it.

Here are my top 9 benefits of cold showers why:

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My favorite supplements for runners

While getting your training in is very important for runners, getting your nutrition on track is too. A healthy and balanced diet should be the cornerstone for your nutrition. However, there are certain supplements that are worth taking. Not because you then can neglegt your diet, but to get even better results.

I’ve been taking these 5 supplements for a long time now nearly every day, and I really find them worth the money. For most of them, there are different alternatives in different price ranges.

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Why you should try Electric Muscle Stimulation Training (EMS)

What is Electric Muscle Stimulation?

Electric Muscle Stimulation Training or EMS is a training method where electric current is sent through your muscles and contracts them. In addition you will also perform exercises, but it can also be done without.

Usually you have to wear a special type of vest or body suit connected to an EMS machine or device. You will be sprayed with water, so the electric current is transmitted to your muscles.

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