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12 things I learned while running 12 Marathons in a year

In 2018 I ran 12 Marathons for charity. This was by far the most challenging and life changing project I had done up to this point. Besides accumulating lots of awesome finisher t-shirts, medals and memories along the way, I also learned some valuable life lessons during these 12 Marathons that I want to share with you right now.

In case you are interested in race recaps of all of my 12 Marathons, you can check them out here.

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Frankfurt Marathon
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Frankfurt Marathon

Frankfurt Marathon is the oldest road Marathon in Germany and always takes place at the end of Oktober. (This is actually very nice as it is generally the Sunday when Germany changes from summer to winter time and you get one hour of extra sleep.)

Besides the Marathon the race also offers a relay marathon which is realy popular as well.

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Munich Marathon

Munich Marathon will always be a special Marathon for me. I ran my first 10k race, my first Half Marathon and my first Marathon there. This year I spontaneously decided to run Marathon no 11 of my 12 Marathon fundraising project there, as a lot of my friends were running as well and the weather looked really nice. And I did not regret it at all.

Munich Marathon
Munich Marathon Medal

Travel and Accessibility

Munich is one of Germany’s largest cities and very well connected by plane, train and bus. The public transport system is also great. The start line of the Marathon and the 10k race as well as the finish line are located in the famous Olympia Park, wich has it’s own underground station. The start of the Half Marathon is located half way on the other side of the city, but also accessible via an underground station.

Munich Marathon Expo

The Munich Marathon Expo is located in the famous Olympia Hall, with lots of traders exhibiting. One big advantage of this Marathon is that you can register at the expo nearly up to the very last minute for all races, even in the morning of the race. Which is what my friend Susanne and I did, as we decided a few days before to run the Marathon. (without really training for it)

Munich Marathon


The start line of the Munich Marathon is in between the Olypmia Stadium and the Olympia Hall. As this area is generally an area used for various events, you will find good infrastructure there. you can use the regular toilets of the stadium, and the bagdrop is located under the stadium stands. There are also a lot food stalls if you want to purchase food and drinks. And if your friends and family need a break from all that cheering action they can even go zip lining over the Olympia Stadium. Cool, right?

Munich Marathon Course

The Munich Marathon Course first heads East towards the famous Leopoldstraße. After that is takes a loop in the English Garden. This can be very nice if you like running in parks, but sometimes also a bit boring. After that the course heads further East where also the delayed start of the Half Marathon is located. The second half then first passes through the Eastern parts of Munich before heading right through the city center and the famous Marienplatz. It then takes a few loops around the Museums area and Königsplatz, before heading back to the Olympia Stadium. (Attention: the part around Königsplatz will be run in the beginning of the race starting in 2019) The final stretches of the Munich Marathon are the best: one final victory loop around the Olympia Stadium, with your friends and family watching you from the best seats!

Munich Marathon


The center area of the Olympia Stadium is also the finish line area. You will get your medal, a space blanket, water, sportsdrinks, food and of course some alcohol free wheat beer. You can can sit on the lawn or on some sunchairs and recover while enjoying the atmosphere.

Unfortunately you will have to leave the stadium in the end, which means you will have to walk up the stairs to the exit. Not fun at all. For some, this will be an even harder challenge than the Marathon.

After that you will then collect your drop-bag where you left it. Or in case you ran the Half Marathon your bag was transported to the stadium where you pick it up from the DHL vans.

A big bonus of the finish line location is also the Olympic Swimming pool. You can buy a normal ticket and use the showers there for just around 5€.

Munich Marathon

Munich Sightseeing

When you run the full Munich Marathon you will already see a lot of famous sights. But here are my top picks:

  • City center: visit the famous Frauenkirche, the City Hall at Marienplatz and the Residenz.
  • Beergardens: The most famous ones are the Chinese Tower Beergarden and Seehaus Beergarden in the English Garden Park.
  • Museums: Pinakothek der Moderne, Lenbachhaus and the Deutsches Museum are my favorites.
  • Something you don’t see during the Marathon: Castle Nymphenburg in the West
  • And if you want to travel a bit: Don’t miss out on Neuschwanstein Castle (but there is also a Marathon there in case you want to run one in July)Munich Marathon
Running underwear
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Product Review: Runderwear Running Underwear

Very often you will hear runners talk about gear: their favorite running shoes, compression pants or other fancy race outfits. One of the most important items that is usually overlooked is running underwear. We just don’t like to talk bout what we wear under our race gear, even though running underwear can make or break your personal PR. When you experience severe chafing around your sensitive parts you know what I mean.

Disclaimer: For this post I was testing Runderwear running underwear products for free. Runderwear is a British start-up that produces (as you might guess) running underwear. They first started out with running underpants, and have since then expanded their product range to sports bras and running socks.

I have been a fan of Runderwear for a while, and I recommend it because I really love the product, and I am not getting paid for it. And I love to support young entrepeneurs, as I know how challenging it can be to run your own business.

How I discovered Runderwear

I first came across Runderwear when I was looking for running underpanties to wear during my 24 hour World’s Mudder Race. At that race you have to wear a wetsuit for several hours, and avoiding chafing under the wetsuit was the top goal. A friend of mine who was also an ultrarunner suggested I should try Runderwear, and he was definitely the right. I survived the 24hour race without chafing, and have been a fan of Runderwear ever since. I have worn the underpanties in every race since then (for OCRs and for my 12 Marathons in 12 Months Fundraising Project). So I was very happy when I was offered the opportunity to test a complete set of Runderwear running underwear.

I have tested it thouroughly at Romatikmarathon Füssen, Reykjavik Marathon , Berlin Marathon and Europe’s Toughest Mudder Berlin, and it is now a staple item on my packing list for World’s Toughest Mudder this year.

Running Underwear
Runderwear Running Underwear

What to look for in running underwear

Please call me old fashioned: but what you want to look for in running underwear is functionality, not style. Don’t get me wrong, I love stylish underwear. And I wear lots of sexy and playful outfits during my pole dancing classes. But I would never consider wearing that for running.

So what am I looking for in running underwear?

  • It should be comfortable. I do not want to get blisters or chafing.
  • It should absorb sweat and keep me as dry and warm as possible.
  • It should also support my body, especially when it comes to sports bras. Yes, all girls need a bit more support for running, and a good sports bra is crucial.


Runderwear Running panties

Runderwear offers a wide range of running underpanties. The come as briefs, hipsters hot pants and G-strings. They come in various colors but I prefer the simple black. The are nearly seamless, and the edges are super soft. The fabric is also super soft and moisture wicking. As I’ve mentioned before I have been using the briefs for a while now, and I never experienced any chafing problems. And what I really love is the little slogan ” Don’t run commando” on the inside of the panties.


Runderwear Sports Bra

Runderwear offers a standard sports crop top made out of the same fabric as the underpanties, but also a proper supporting sports bra. (This is the one I tested.) The sports bra is made of soft moisture wicking fabric. It has removable padding at the cups, wide adjustable straps and a hook eye closure at the back. At first I was a bit sceptical about the adjustable straps and the hooks in the back. I generally tried to avoid them in sports bras in the past because they would always lead to chafing. But not with this bra, so I was really positively surprised. On the contrary the adjustable straps are really helpful to get a good fit.

The bra comes only in black, but with a little bit of optional color on the trim. However, I still prefer simple black.


Runderwear Running Socks

The standard for running socks nowadays is that they come in a right foot and left foot version, with different ergonomic knitting stlyes to support the natural form around the toes, heels and arch of your foot. Runderwear running socks also fall into this category, however they are using a complete different approach to avoid blisters: the double layer sock!

Yes, this sounds strange, but is actually highly effective. With a double layer sock, the two layers are rubbing agains each other rather than the sock rubbing agains your foot and causing a blister. And for me this worked perfectly so far. Zero blisters and a lot of comfort.

And the socks are super soft and comfortable, as they are made out of breathable moisture wicking fabric. I could wear them all day.


Keen on trying Runderwear? Shop here and use discount code AERIALSPARTAN15 to get 15% off. They also offer free worldwide shipping for all orders over 30 GBP.


Running Underwear
Runderwear Running Underwear