Over ten years ago I started Pole Dance in a dodgy Parisian strip club (with the now famous Marion Crampe as my teacher). It felt very naughty and underground, and not really socially acceptable. But I was hooked immediately. When I moved away from Paris I had to stop Pole Dancing for a while because these studios were not really common at the time. However once I started again, I discovered that Pole Dance had evolved to a full athletic sport. It took a lot of inspiration from gymnastics and circus arts, and had become much more professional. It now even has it’s own international association, is recognized internationally and on the way to becoming an Olympic sport. I also took on Aerial Hoop (Aerial Lyra) and Aerial Silks which are two circus arts also often taught in Pole Dance Studios.

So here are my top reasons why you should try Pole Dancing and Aerial Fitness.

Aerial Hoop

Pole Dance is great Strength Training

If you ever tried Pole Dancing or Aerial Fitness you know it is hard. You have to lift and pull yourself up with pure muscle strength. And sometimes you have to hold yourself upside down with one leg only. A lot of the advanced pole dance moves resemble more a Calisthenics session than a dance. If you have ever seen a pole dancer do a human flag or an iron X you know what I am talking about.

Pole Dance

Pole Dance is great cardio training

Certain varieties of Pole Dance are not about the most difficult tricks, but about a nice dance routine. But doing this routine over and over again can be exhausting and a great cardio workout. Just like any other type of dance would make you sweat.

Aerial Fitness increases self confidence

Pole Dance also builds great self confidence. In the beginning a lot of women struggle with their body image. But over time they realize that showing a lot of skin is functional in pole. They become more confident in their bodies also because their strength increases. Another factor is that pole dance routines are cheeky, sexy and playful in a safe environment. It lets women see a different side of themselves.

The whole Pole Dancing and Aerial Fitness Community is very welcoming and supportive, no matter what age or size or gender you are.

Pole Dance


Pain Resistance

One thing that you never know before you tried Pole Dancing and Aerial Fitness is how painful it actually is. And that it will continue to be painful forever. Every time you learn a new move you will create friction on a new part of your skin and create bruises. We call them Pole Kisses. Plus the endless amount of additional bruises you get from crashing into the pole or hoop. Or calluses and blisters on your hands. Pole Dancers and Aerial Artists learn over time to endure the pain and wear their kisses with pride. Which in my opinion makes them more resilient in real life.

Aerial Fitness

Pole Dance is fun

I can’t tell you how often I’ve laughed my *ss off because I myself or somebody else failed at a pole or hoop move and landed not very gracefully on the bum. Or when spotting each other and you and your friend’s body parts get stuck and tangled together on the pole, hoop or on the silks. Pole Dance and Aerial Fitness is fun. No matter if you go there once for a bachelorette party, or you make friends in an open class practice session. So go out there and try it!

Aerial Fitness



Pole Dance

Have you ever tried Pole Dance or Aerial Fitness? Tell me in the comments below!