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Berlin Marathon Race Review

On September 24th 2017 I ran my first Berlin Marathon. To my big surprise, I made it in under 4 hours, although the race was absolutely not easy. Please find my full race experience here.

Brandenburger Tor

Travel & Accessibility

Getting to the Berlin Marathon is of course quite easy. You can go there by plane, car or train from various European cities.

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Berlin Marathon
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Beat Berlin Marathon! Pain, sweat, tears and the sub 4 hour goal…

When you are a runner, you have heard about the Berlin Marathon. It is the flattest and fastest course in the world and origin of many World Records. The current one being 2:02:57 from Dennis Kimetto in 2014.

Even if you are a non-elite athlete running Berlin Marathon is special. It is an honour, as you either have to be very fast or very lucky to get it. It is also a challenge, as nearly everyone running will try to take advantage of the flat course and run a new personal best. And it is historic because the course goes through a city that used to be divided for a long time.
So when I won a spot in the ballot I was very happy. Even more when I found out that quite a lot of my friends would also be running.

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Let's run a maraton
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My Marathon pacing strategy 

On the 24th of September I’ll run the Berlin Marathon. This will be my first time in Berlin, but my fifth marathon overall. So let’s talk about my Marathon pacing strategy. 

If you’ve ever ran a Marathon you’ve probably been told not to go out too fast. “Seconds gained in the end will be minutes lost in the end.” You might have a goal pace in mind, but then on race day the conditions change and you don’t know how to adjust.

If you’ve never run a Marathon before you have probably no idea at all about how you should work out you Marathon pacing strategy. You are probably afraid to hit the wall and not finish at all.

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