Baby wearing has been practiced for centuries and is seeing a massive comeback now. This is no surprise, as it has massive benefits. Already before my son was born I was given various tools and accessoiries to wear him, and I can say that I am now a huge fan of baby wearing.

The benefits of baby wearing

More body contact

You might have heard that it sis really important to have lots of body contact with your baby. It helps with attachment and bonding, calms crying babies and makes them feel secure. Baby wearing gives you all of these benefits at once. Your baby can snuggle up to you, feel you, hear your heart beat and breath. I find that my baby automatically gets calmer when I wear him, and he often falls asleep immediately.

Better views for your baby

When your baby gets older you will notice that they love to be carried around. They enjoy a good view and love to see what is going on around them. However the little ones get very heavy on your arms after a while. When you wear your baby they can look around and explore the world from a safe place without giving you sore arms.

Baby wearing is really practical

One of my favorite times to wear my baby is when I have to run errands of any kind. Like doing housework, going shopping, when traveling or even writing blog posts on my computer. When I wear my baby I have my hands free. Needless to say that my baby carrier is my life saver.

Baby wearing is good for your baby’s health

When you wear your baby it helps with correct hip development and alignment (if done correctly – see below). It also helps to prevent scull deformation that happens when babies lie on their back constantly.

Side note: if you want to prevent skull deformation when the baby is lying in the crib or stroller check out the Medibino, a small and protective baby head pillow. It is super practical and also great for traveling.

Baby wearing is good for your health too

In the beginning babies are light and tiny. But soon they will grow and get heavier. And with this increases the chances of lower back pain and sore arms when you carry them around. Wearing your baby can help a lot with that. In addition you will burn more calories if you wear your baby when going for a walk or running errands. And this helps with getting rid of the extra baby weight.

baby wearing

What you should pay attention to while wearing your baby

The right posture for the baby

When you first start wearing your baby you might not be sure if its is really good and comfortable for your baby. But there is nothing to worry about if done correctly. The baby should be right in front of your belly and facing towards you. If you are able to kiss your baby on the head the position is just right, not too high or too low. The legs should be in a “froggy” position with the knees higher than the hips. Your baby’s head should be stable and turned lightly so the nose is not pressed against your chest.

When I wear my son I basically check these points starting with the legs and feet, then I am adjusting and stabilizing the head and finally I give him a kiss on his head. Putting the baby in to the baby carrier, sling or wrap is not the easiest thing when done the first time. I had to learn all the steps myself (or with a youtube tutorial). So I would highly recommend a baby wearing class.

Please note that it is not recommended to wear your baby on your chest facing forward. I know that babies love a good view, but this is not a solution. Better try a baby carrier or baby wrap that allows you to wear the baby on the hip or on the back if they want a better view.

The right posture for you

Baby wearing should be easy and comfortable for you as well. It is supposed to help prevent lower back pain and sore arm muscles from constantly carrying your baby. To make sure it is also comfortable for you always follow the instructions of your baby carrier. Try to have a good and straight posture and do not slouch. If you are experiencing any problems while wearing your baby you might want to check out a baby wearing class.

Temperature and clothing

Another thing to consider is what clothes you and your baby should be wearing. As you will find out soon, it can get quite warm in a baby wrap because you will be heating each other up. Generally it is recommended that your baby wears one layer less clothing when wrapped in a baby wrap. I personally also let him wear socks and a hat because these body parts will stick out.

For myself I wear my baby wrap over a top, but under a cardigan. That way it is just way more practical to get in and out of the cardigan if you are hot and cold. In summer I prefer baby carriers and slings in stead of wraps because of the heat. In winter I wear a special baby wearing jacket on top of me and the baby. This jacket fits around the baby and has an opening for the baby’s head. But there are also inserts available that you can zip into your normal jacket.

The best baby wearing tools

There are tons and tons of products out there how you can wear your baby. This is just a personal selection of my favorite ones.

Baby Björn baby carrier

The Baby Björn baby carrier is probably the classic baby carrier out there, as Baby Björn were one of the pioneers of baby wearing. It is adjustable and therefore suitable for newborns and older babies. The set up is super easy, just like a backpack. And because it looks a bit like backpack it is also very popular with Dads.

Bamboo baby wraps

Baby wraps are the classic way how babys were worn an carried for centuries. Most cultures have some kind of baby wrap. While they were quite sturdy in the past, technology has evolved. The new baby wraps are made of bamboo fibre, which is super soft, breathable and stretchy. My favorite ones are made by the German company Haenschenklein. They come in various colours, and work for babies up to 25 pounds. You can get 10% discount in the Haenschenklein shop by using the code AS10 .

I personally love baby wraps when I am on the go or when traveling because they are really versatile. It works great as a blanket in the stroller, a play mat on the floor or a cover when breastfeeding in public.

Ring slings

Haenschenklein also makes great linen Ring Slings. I personally find them more fashionable and elegant than baby carriers and baby wraps. That’s why I got mine in a dark navy color and wear it preferably to formal occasions like weddings. The set-up is not as easy, so I recommend watching this tutorial. You can get 10% discount in the Haenschenklein shop by using the code AS10 .


Baby wearing jacket insert

When you want to wear your baby in winter make sure you both are always warm and cosy. I recently bought this awesome jacket insert, which comes in a neutral black. It therefore fits with most jackets and coats, including my partners.


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