Winter is coming! Where I live, this will mean temperatures well below freezing. I will definitely switch parts of my training routine indoors where I will do some spinning, yoga, strength training and lots of pole dancing. And I will do some winter sports outside, like skiing and ski mountaineering. But I want and need to keep on running outside too. I’ve already written a blogpost about how to run in the dark, so here are my top 5 tips for running in winter.

1. Layer up when running in winter

It goes without saying we wear more and warmer clothing when it is cold outside. But especially when running, extra layers are important. Here is what I would wear when it is below freezing:

  • moisture wicking and warming base layer top and leggings
  • long sleeve thermal top
  • long windproof leggings
  • windbreaker jacket
  • warm socks, gloves, a hat

Depending on how cold it is and how hot you run, you might add or remove certain layers.

2. Wear the right shoes

Running in the cold for me also means running on wet and slippery surfaces, sometimes even snow and ice. I then usually switch to waterproof trail running shoes to have more grip, and leave my normal summer running shoes at home. One trick I still need to try for myself is dyi spikes for your shoes. (find link)

3. Warm up before you get outside

Warming up is important for normal running, but it is even more crucial when it is cold outside. To warm up, start to move while you are already inside. Once outside start with a slow jog until you are warmed up.

4. Pace yourself in the cold

You  have to accept that running in the cold will be different. You will not have the same traction on snow and ice, and breathing will feel differently, mostly harder. Keeping that in mind, you will not be able to do the same hard workouts in winter. But that is absolutely fine, in case you set your focus differently. Think base instead of peaks, slow instead of fast, easy instead of hard.

5. Bring dry clothes for afterwards

Once you finished your workout you need to make sure you stay warm after your workout. So if you can, take off your wet, cold clothing and out on some dry ones. You could carry them with you in a backpack, drop them somewhere or leave them in your car. Once you get home, make sure to take your wet clothes off immediately and hop into a hot shower. I hope with these tips you can enjoy running in the cold because I really do. Especially when it is sunny and there is fresh snow outside. Nothing beats the sound of crisp snow under my feet while I run through winter wonderland.

running in winter