If you have been following my blog for a while you probably know that I love Obstacle Course Racing or OCR. Some people might also call it mud runs. I’ve started doing these runs in 2015 with a short 7km Spartan Sprint and immediately fell in love with it. I since have completed several Spartan Trifectas , Tough Mudders and other races. I love it so much, that I am now even doing Spartan Ultras or the grueling 24h World’s Toughest Mudder. But even if you are not as ambitious as me but only a weekend warrior here are three reasons why you should train for and run an Obstacle Course Race.

World's Toughest Muddet

1) You will become a more balanced athlete through OCR

Obstacle Course Racing involves two different types of skillsets: First you need to be able to run for a longer period of time. And second you need to be able to crawl under or climb over several obstacles on course. This requires strength as well as cardiovascular endurance. Most likely you will train differently for an Obstacle Course Race than what you would do normally. You might work on your pull-up if you’ve previously been a runner. Or work on your running if you preferred to do heavy lifting until now. You will definitely learn new skills like climbing over walls or climbing up a rope. Overall you will work on your weaknesses and become a better, more balanced athlete in the process of training for OCR.

Spartan Race OCR


2) Obstacle Course Racing make you mentally stronger

A lot if Obstacle Course Races will play with your fear. Your fear of cold water, heights, darkness, even electricity. OCR will definitely bring you out of your comfort zone in many ways. But guess what you will realize when you are outside your comfort zone? That the air is thinner there, but that you are strong AF, a complete badass and can totally rock this Obstacle Course Race. You will finish with a great sense of achievement. And you are totally right, as an Obstacle Course Race is great accomplishment. But the mental strength you gained through Obstacle Course Racing will also trickle down into your everyday life. You will tackle difficult situations in a completely different way. Just like a badass Obstacle Racer.

Climbing up the wall! Photocredit: Bob Mulholland

3) Obstacle Course Races are fun

No matter if you decide to run an Obstacle Course Race competitively or with a group of friends, they are equally fun. You might hate crawling trough the mud at first, but will laugh when you see everyone else covered in mud. The pictures of you and your friends will be hilarious. They will even make your grandchildren laugh one day. But also the team spirit of OCR adds to the value of the sport. Helping each other over obstacles will make you bond with your team and give you a great sense of achievement. No surprise that Obstacle Course Races are often chosen as team building events.


OCR Spartan Race

Have you tried an Obstacle Course Race? Tell me in the comments below!