Two Oceans Marathon Trail Run
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Two Oceans Marathon Trail Run

After my fabulous experience at the Two Oceans Marathon in 2017 I knew I had to come back and also run the Two Oceans Marathon Trail Run. The 12 km and 24 km trail runs are less known than the famous Ultra Marathon and Half Marathon, but definitely a highlight for all trail runners. They take place on Good Friday, the day before the 56 km Ultra Marathon and Half Marathon. (by the way: You can find my Ultra Marathon Race review here )

I was really looking forward to the Trail Run, but unfortunately I was not rewarded with nice weather and breathtaking views, but with lots of rain and fog. So I took it slow, because I did not want to twist an ankle. And I also wanted to conserve some energy, as I was running the Two Oceans Marathon 56 km the next day. Nevertheless I had a great time and I promised to be back for better views next year.

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Two Oceans Marathon review

The Old Mutual Two Oceans Marathon in Cape Town is actually one of two very famous Ultra Marathons in South Africa: the 56km Two Oceans Marathon and the 90km Comrades Ultra Marathon. It is always held on the Saturday between Good Friday and Easter Sunday. The Two Oceans Marathon is a race where you have to qualify (see below) and where the cut off time of 7 hours gross is actually enforced. The reward for it is a special medal, that changes colour for every hour that passes: sub 4, sub 5, sub 6 and sub 7 hours.

Two Oceans Marathon Medals

The Two Oceans Marathon 56km is the classical distance, but there are three other races that weekend, which are also highly popular: the Half Marathon on a less scenic route and the 12km and 24km trail run on the back of Table Mountain, which I absolutely have to try next year.

I have written another blog posts about my amazing experience at the Two Oceans Marathon, that covers much more. You can find it here.

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Two Oceans Marathon
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My Two Oceans Marathon experience

I have had the famous Two Oceans Marathon on my bucket list for a while. To be exact, I had it on the “when I am fast enough to run an Ultra Marathon” bucket list. Because it is one of two famous South African Ultra Marathons, and the classic distance is 56km. I had thought of doing it in 2018, when my Dad was probably also fit and fast enough to run it.
So when I suddenly got the opportunity to run the Two Oceans Marathon via a “first come first served” give away on adidas runners Germany I immediately said yes. I did not really believe I would get the spot because I thought a lot of other people would also apply.

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