Vitamine wรคhrend der Schwangerschaft
Nutrition, Pregnancy

Nutrients and vitamins during pregnancy and breastfeeding

It is no surprise that (expecting) Moms require more vitamins and nutrients during pregnancy and breastfeeding than before, as they are growing and feeding another human being. But how much can be a bit confusing sometimes. That is why I have decided to write this overview on all the vitamins and nutrient intakes recommended during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

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Let's run a maraton
Health, Nutrition

My favorite supplements for runners

While getting your training in is very important for runners, getting your nutrition on track is too. A healthy and balanced diet should be the cornerstone for your nutrition. However, there are certain supplements that are worth taking. Not because you then can neglegt your diet, but to get even better results.

I’ve been taking these 5 supplements for a long time now nearly every day, and I really find them worth the money. For most of them, there are different alternatives in different price ranges.

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Why you should track your food
Fitness, Motivation, Nutrition

5 reasons why you should track your food

I am not gonna lie: I LOVE food and I love eating a lot of it. That was why  I was never really keen on tracking my food. I thought if I track my food it would take the enjoyment out of it.

But while training for my Marathons I faced some unexpected weight gain. I obviously was indulging more than what I should have. And as you know, every gram counts when you have to run for 42km.
So for Berlin Marathon I decided to be a bit stricter with my diet. I decided not to eat sweets and junk food and not drink any alcohol.

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