Have you ever tried to find a Christmas gift for a running friend? Then you probably know that finding a Christmas gifts for runners is not easy. We runners are very picky. And we probably already have everything we need. (or we think we do) So here is my guide on how to find the best Christmas gifts for runners, and which gifts to avoid.


Gifts for runners: what to get


One of my favorite things to give are books about running. Fore me these are the best Christmas gifts for runners. Usually these books are a nice read, feature inspiring stories, delicious recipes or great training tips. My favorites are:

Another tip: a lot of running books also have an audiobook version. They make great gifts for runners as we can enjoy listening to them on our weekly long run. And if you give them a membership on Audible they can enjoy all the audio books they like.


Yes we runners have restdays where we do not run but just chill and watch movies. And we love to watch movies about running.


There are lots of running accessoiries that make great Christmas gifts for runners. My favorite ones are:

Gift Vouchers

Gift vouchers also make a great Christmas gift for runners. Because then we runners can get exactly what we want and need. So if in doubt you can get a voucher of your local running store. and if this still does not resonate with you, what about giving them a voucher for a nice massage or pedicure? Trust me, all runners need massages and pedicures from time to time.

Gifts for runners: what maybe not to get


Running shoes are a very personal thing for every runner. So unless you know exactly what shoe in which size and which color your running friend wants, avoid it as a Christmas gift. Better give them a gift voucher for a local running store (see above). There they can have a gait analysis done and can then pick the right shoe for them.


So you think a race entry for this cool Marathon in this cool city is a good idea as a Christmas gift? Please check with your running friend again. They might already have other race plans and this race will not fit their training plan at all. And it would be very complicated to defer and sell this race spot again. So please do not give them race entries.

But there is one exception: if it is a trip to one of the big 6 World Marathon Majors, which all Marathon runners love to run. I have already done 4 of them: Berlin, London, NYC and Chicago, and they are definitely worth the expensive trip.

Running nutrition and supplements

As with the things mentioned above, running nutrition and supplements is way too personal. So they do not make good Christmas gifts for runners. Better buy them a nice gift voucher, so they can exactly get what they need.

Gifts for runners: what to absolutely avoid

Everything that is not about running. Just joking. We love all gifts that come from our loved ones. Happy Holidays!

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