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Everyday Hero Manuela Dietzinger: How to lose 60 pounds and become fit, fast and fearless

Are you trying to lose weight? Are you running to shed a few pounds? But are a bit lost? Don’t worry, I would be too. That’s why I have teamed up with my friend Manuela Ditzinger who runs in my OCR team Munich Elite Warriors and at Adidas Runners Munich. While I met her when she was already super fit and fast, I recently found out that she once weighed around 60 pounds more than she does today. And who should give better tips about sustainable weight loss than someone who has achieved exactly that.

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Wolfgangseelauf Race Review

As you might know by now, running around and along lakes is one of my favorite things to do. So after lake Fuschlsee at the Mozart100, lake Traunsee at Bergmarathon and the Half Marathon around lake Tegernsee I spontaneously signed up for a race called Wolfgangseelauf around lake Wolfgangsee in Austria.

The race was 27km long (one lap around the lake) and was just a perfect training race for NYC Marathon. The perfect weather and great views also helped with that.

Disclaimer: most of my review will be about the 27km classic race, but some points are also valid for the Marathon and 10k.


Travel & Accessibility

At the classic 27km race at Wolfgangseelauf the start and finish are located in St. Wolfgang, on the north shore of the lake. The Marathon starts in Bad Ischl and the 10km race starts on the other side of the lake, but both also finish in St. Wolfgang.

If you want to go there you need to take a car. Public parking is available for free outside of town, or in the city center. However there is also the option to take the regular ferry lines, that go across the lake. So in case you parked your car at the 10km start you can then take the ferry back after the race and vice versa.

As St. Wolfgang is a cute little town you can then easily walk to the start line.


Bib pick-up and pre-race

Bib pick-up in in a conference center right in the middle of town and close to the start. There are toilets, but they can get very busy. Better try the ones a bit further away from the start.

The start itself is located on the main street in the old town of St. Wolfgang. There are just three corrals, that can get quite tight. Also the space on the outside of the starting corral is quite limited. So spectators should wait a bit further away, as it can get quite crowded.


Wolfgangseelauf race course

The course starts in St. Wolfgang and runs counterclockwise around the lake. The first 3km are pretty easy, but then you reach a grueling incline of the Falkenstein mountain. This part feels more like a trail run, than a road race, and is absolutely crucial. If try hard and go fast on the incline to gain a few seconds, you will lose minutes in the end.

After you reached the top with a cute little chapel (where Saint Wolfgang, the founder of the town lived) it is a short decline back to the lake and to the next town called St. Gilgen. (Side note: this steep foot path is the only connection from St. Wolfgang to St. Gilgen. If you want to go there by car, you have to drive all around the lake)

From there it is flat(ish) Half Marathon with spectacular views. Just the last bit before the finish line is a bit hillier, before you descend into the last 50m of the race.

The course is mostly on concrete Β and gravel. Parts of it are single trails, which made passing difficult. Water and refreshment stations were set up every 3km approximately.


Post race

The refreshment area after the race is not set up after the finish line as you would expect it. It is located in the small little streets to the right. This took me a while to figure out. Also, it was quite crowded there.

But this was absolutely outweighed with the selection of food and drinks: water, sports drinks, coke, soup, biscuits, fruit.

There are also showers available. However I decided to just take a quick swim in the lake before putting on some dry clothes and heading home.



Before the race you can visit the former Austrian Emperor’s summer residence in Bad Ischl, where the first World War started.

When you are already in St. Wolfgang you can take the cable car up the Schafberg mountain to get some spectacular views.

And why not having a good lunch after Wolfgangseelauf at the famous “Weisses RΓΆssl“, a hotel that starred in the movie with the same name (the White Horse Inn)



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Bergmarathon rund um den Traunsee

There are big races and small races, road races and trail races, travel destination races and home races. The Bergmarathon (or Mountain Marathon) is one of the “Home” races for me. It takes place on Lake Traunsee in Upper Austria where I am from and it is basically a legendary event in our region. It goes around the lake, thus not on the road but up and down all the major mountains around the lake. The total distance is around 70km with 4500m of elevation gain.

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Mozart100 race review

The Mozart100 race takes place in the beautiful town of Salzburg, Austria. They offer various distances, this year a 12.5km City Trail, the 30km Scenic Light Trail (that I did), the 42km Marathon trail, the 62km Scenic Trail and the classic 105 Trail. This one is very popular, as it is also a Western States 100 qualifying race.

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